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Honour your loved one...

From experiencing a lot of grief in my own life I understand how important it is to say goodbye to your loved ones in your own personal way. I’m both honoured and humbled to help people through that difficult process.

Each ceremony is lovingly created to enable those who are grieving to choose the content, so they can have the funeral they desire for their loved one.

I will work with you to create your personal religious or non-religious ceremony and sensitively craft your choice of content such as music, poetry, readings, or a favourite prayer or hymn.

Meet with me

If you would like me to work with you we will arrange a suitable meeting that will last up to 2 to 3 hours where I will listen to your memories and stories of the person who has passed. We will have the opportunity to discuss how I can help you to structure the funeral in the way you wish the person you have lost and loved to be remembered.


Organising a funeral amid grief is a daunting event and my role as a celebrant is to ease this stress by listening and giving ample guidance and support for you and your family throughout.


I will make this difficult time as smooth as possible by helping you and your family put together a service that is both fitting and a true representation of who your loved one was and how you wish their life to be remembered.

I will write and create a fitting order of Service for the funeral. I am also able to write a Eulogy for your loved one based on the information you relay to me if  this is your wish. You may also wish to write your own Eulogy and read this at the service - these are decisions we can make together in time. We all deal with emotions in different ways and there is no right way, only your way


After meeting with you, I will put together a drafted structure order of service for you to approve.

My fee includes our meeting, my written words, additional edits/amendments, my professional funeral advice and coordination delivery of the ceremony and all liaison with your funeral director. Also my travel time and expenses.

Together we will make sure your loved ones’ life is honoured and remembered in the way you wish them to be remembered


My fees for funerals will be from £225. for a 30-minute standard ceremony at a crematorium or burial.

A 60-minute  extended ceremony at a crematorium or burial will be £300.

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