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Personal touch...

Choosing a wedding celebrant to conduct your ceremony instead of a church minister or registrar means you will be able to have the wedding you want, without any limitations of content or time restrictions

As your bespoke wedding Celebrant, I will offer you a hugely personal touch to your special day. Having a celebrant-led ceremony offers you great freedom of expression, and a chance to build an occasion that truly reflects your wishes, hopes and personalities both individually and together. Every couple is unique and has their own story and it is my utter joy to use my creativity and natural storytelling to make your day the most wonderful it can be


Whether in a venue, a clifftop, in a field or woodland as there are absolutely none of the usual restrictions surrounding location and no restraints with vows, music, readings, or even timings as there are in both church and civil weddings. Rather than being told what you can’t have, I am here to tell you you can have whatever you wish and wherever!


With my warmth and sincerity, I will work with you to create a completely personal ceremony by listening to your ideas and of course your own love story. Together we will create and write your story.


Your ceremony can be as traditional, unconventional, formal, informal or as flamboyant as you want it to be.

Meet with me

I will be able to advise, guide, and inspire you to create the wedding YOU BOTH want by listening to your ideas and together we can think about what you would like to include in the ceremony.

Questions I ask include...


Do you have a message to pass on to your guests?


Do you want to include your family and/or guests in your ceremony?


Think about a lesson you’ve learned together or a beautiful memory that describes both of you.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat and more information and if we connect, we can organise a meeting and start creating together.


Wedding fee from £595

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